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Thursday, April 14, 2016

More from the weekend~

 Tom's, his children
 A little extra ditty from Nancy
 A little extra ditty from Jan.
Who I don't have a picture of her piece she completed.

 Patsy...had a idea to use found trash along with the papers she made...kind of excited about how it all turned out.

This all will need to be mount and displayed in a way that will protect the hight of the piece.  So we talked about that and how to do that.


  1. So wonderful to see more examples of these pieces! I so enjoyed creating mine at Crystal's workshop in Gage's Lake last October! :-)

    1. And what a nice piece you made Jenny....Every had a good time with it too. There have some new kind of shadow box frames at Michael's Craft store to just pop them in with .


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