Saturday, April 09, 2016

Floating Collage Day 1 - Papers made - Check

 To Start things off I put everyone in a Zen mode of cutting out shapes and gluing them on a piece of Foam Core to make their own stamps.  We had a sheet with a good selection of symbols on there to get us started and then draw out the design and then again draw it on the soft foam and cut it out.  After lunch the stamps dried and ready to use.

 After lunch we got really busy put the color on all the papers we created resist on with gesso and polymer.

 This is the part I love, seeing the papers that everyone share the basics and then everyone's ability to change things up steps in and we are all goofy sounds and wiping the drool off our chin's.  Well maybe it's just me...paper has always been a thing for me.

 Like Chris color on this paper...came around the corner and had to snap a picture of it.  That hot pink and red warm on this cool days were having for Spring.

Melissa is in her glory creating some pieces...she's taking my collage workshops and class many time so it's like open studio time for her...

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