Saturday, March 05, 2016

Section or Card 2-Vision Boad

Date is on this one. January 1st I created this vision board, and now it's March 5th.  Time so keep moving by so with that I'm busting a move on life too.

The saying is till visible some what, "I let myself be guided by what paint and gravity do to the materials"

Yesterday I honored the first card by spending the most of the whole day in the studio and making a Bohemian Dream Catcher.  I had the hoop wrapped with material of the four directions and the web in the middle done but the other part...that I stopped at. I had the materials to finish it but I stopped.

My whole body want to be alone yesterday even my mind. Not a depression thing but one of deep pensiveness. So "I Let Myself be Guided"

By the end of the day when the Husband came home from work I was coming down stairs with my made piece of the day.   He first asked, What is that for and who is that for?  Proudly said Me with a huge smile on my face a my inner being beaming. I did it I spent the whole day being a maker of things and I let myself be guided.

Funny how over 20 years it's be geared a bit differently and all that was being made was to be pushed out the door for a sale to some warm soul.  Oh I'm not trying to be mean about this but the thinking process when creating my work that I do has been of great Joy but right next to it is a picture in my mind of who would buy it.

So I know I'll be adding more to the tail of this dream catcher.  The husband seen how I added "Junk" to the ribbons and torn material, even a piece of broken ceramic wind chime he just found at house that was going to be torn down for new construction.  I used it and added into the tail.  Groups of feathers have been added like in my first card.

I've not done anything like this in my life as of honoring some magazine images on a board.  Some might think it's a waste of time...but the time spent on observing and bring this all to my courageous heart is what really matters the most.  Answering to a deep spiritual knowing and using the images I have picked to keep me centered and more into a natural flow with life.

I've come to a point where I can do this take the time and reflect and do what I've been so longing to do.  Answer back to my own creative spirit...

Here is something I read this morning out of one of my mediation books.

"To be loving is to be fully alive. To be fully alive is to use all the splendid  faculties of my personality in every area of my life. As I grow in love, I worry less about doing something important instead. I stretch my abilities as far as they can take me. My action is now the spontaneous expression of a loving heart. To me there is nothing more important I can do with my life than becoming more loving and spiritual."

The Source you discover is mostly the source inside yourself.

I will spend some time looking and listening to the guidance of the next card down from this as of the lay out of the board.

I don't question...I just believe.

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