Sunday, March 13, 2016

Personal Altars around the house~

The regular practice of art making helps us to cultivate creative ways of being in the world. Ultimately, our greatest act of living our daily lives. Creativity is about making space; it' is about listening to ourselves and to the world around us. ~Christine Valters Pantner

So my need for spiritual feed. These days has come from a book that I'm reading and sharing with my book club, " Disorderly Dancing Artists." Not sure if any of use are great dancer but I'm sure we had some moments.  Any ways...being distracted is my middle name, in life and so on.  But back to the post title about personal Altars.  I'm very fortunate to have these space all around my home even thought I live with 5 other people.  And Week Three in The Artists Rules, shares about our sacred tools and sacred spaces. 

Long before understanding about altars and having objects to adorn window ledge, I've been a collector and had connections like that.  Then getting into the Artist Way books over 20 years ago I've grown to understand them differently.  Some may call them clutter, which some of these area I wished I had differently but they are what they are.  In progress. 

I was just thinking about people who continual go way for retreats and all and I'm beginning to realize I have them all around me places to rest and listen and concentrate on living a active life of contemplation.

Oh to stack things....Books, Rocks the repetitive shape- again and again...does that signal to have more, need more or the big $ sign?  or can  it just be cool to see it and how the effect feels?  Good questions to ponder on?  this is my little nook behind me at the kitchen table...were I command things and can see all whom walk into the kitchen and where I can see out to my back yard.  Sacred space...sure it is. 

 The front bay chair and foot stool is there for the evening of relaxing.  I have my plants and more books...another sacred space.

 Now the studio....As I'm maturing...I find myself slowing down and distractions are harder to recoup from. You know the false thinking that you're a good multi-tasker...though I can crack a whip on myself pretty good but signal works better when working on projects then every before.   I've been blessed with a man that cares for my needs...and he's helped me select the right stuff so I can work in my studio with a computer and write up lesson plans or shot a video and edit all in one place with all the right tools.  But when it comes to sacred...I do feel a bit sad about the clutter around it... I feel a big purge coming on...First I need to get some boxes so that when I want to pitch something of use to another I can have a box ready.  Hard to do though....when you love to be a maker of things....

 Here is where I stand with a 6ft table in front of windows close to the tree top canopy of all the maples in the back yard.  A chatter of bird gatherings going on always...just love it and seeing the outside is so cool... it does need to be treated though with more respect and honor...oh it can get messy, I'll allow that but there's some cleaning that needs to be done.  I'm an all or nothing kind of gal so when the big purge comes it's a good couple of days in a row. Funny how we know ourselves.

 Here is where Sophie our cat likes to hang out....another table at a higher height coming out in to work on.  All my paint brushes...Not everyone morning but most morning they will be pulled out and attacked and left for dead in the middle of the studio floor or dragged down the hall way...sometimes to a meaner death of the stairs...too funny what she finds...the brush hairs seem to be the draw.

It's like an evaluation of where and what I want to put my energies into these next years...?  Hard work to sort though but I really dig this kind of action plan.

So centering back down to the back yard again as a sacred space.  These bricks are from Downers Grove streets and man holes...the Husband brought them home for us early when we purchased the house, but didn't put this in but maybe 12 or so years ago.  Creating a circle of gathering...My sweet grass is coming up well now and soon the lilac will be full of green and create an cozy space. Another sacred space.

Week Three- Invitation, is to regard everything in your life as sacred, including the tools you engage for your art making and writing and to sanctify the space in which you work. My personal notes from The Artists Rule, Week three...You see I'm one that has to bring it in and really feel it..and when I read a book, I'm underlining everything, they I type it out and take notes...then I reflect and still reflect more by posting about it and sending it out to the unknowns....and really then trying to live it.

Week 3

Sunday Rambles~


  1. Your Artist Life is rich with sacred stuff, Dear One. Inspiring life living and loving.

    1. Thanks for stopping by're a Gem and my Rock Fairy too. sending love your way~

  2. I love the idea of personal spaces, altars or whatever you want to call them. Others don't even realize them, but that's OK. Noticed your rock mouse pad! That is cool!!! Hope this posts. It's hard to get anything posted on some of these web sites. It's not like people don't want to comment. It's just some sites make it very difficult to! So, we'll see!

    1. Hi Karenann, The husband and I have a rock should see the boulders he brought home one day...there all in our front happy we play together nicely with out So sweet of you for stopping by here too. Thanks Honey.


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