Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hitting the road again- time to run away LOL

Funny how things happen, You volunteer for a job to do some service to help out and a long the way opportunities present themselves.  Today I will be taking a road trip to Bourbannais  to pick up the work of some of the Midwest Collage Society.  I received an email to see if I would be interested in do a workshop down in Kankakee IL at the Frank Lloyd Wright house by the Kankakee River.   It looks so cool. I can't wait to see it today... I decided to fit in a walk in the woods first before heading out and put the CD of the book Big Magic in and listen to that.

My days have been full with more computer time and rightly so as I've activated all of my classes on line so there is a change that I have to accept and adjust to.  It's pushing my skills for writing because that is how I communicate to all the students and it pushes me to gather my thoughts and feelings about the work that I'm seeing.  it's challenging for me but a good challenge is good for the character and the soul....growth happening all the way around.

Staying open for signs signal and message can drive one crazy...but it's been a way of life for me...from the animals that keep appearing to hints and nudges of a directions I might want to take.  and then you get an this one for sure I'll be walking in the woods before I head out. Nature is my religion and the Earth is my church...I've felt that from a very young age.  Because I got a crow things and my license plates say LNCROW4 and my email my decor is Native American, jewelry on most days...I've been around the whole thing...Pow wow, sweat lodges, drumming circles and now with the grace of the great spirit I have a tipi too...but I'm not Native American...some may questions a wanna be...No it's something thats been in me and all around me...the respect for the land. And with the overload of all good things happening I sense some time is upon me to be in nature..  I know yesterday I described how I was feeling to my oldest daughter and she said mom maybe you need to go take a walk in the woods....So thankful the people I care about know me too and can help me find balance when I can't.   So I did just that and found that balance and connection I need to keep on going.  
Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 19             

"There's a deep wound in people - that they have been so cut off
from the source of their being, their mother, their Earth Mother."
-- Francis Story Talbott II (Medicine Story), WAMPANOAG 
When we are connected to the Earth Mother, or when we are clear on our purpose, we will
feel connected and safe. We will feel love. When we are disconnected from the Earth Mother,
or we don't know who we are or why we are, we will feel pain. It will be similar to a little child
who has lost its Mother. We will hurt inside - we will be wounded within. If this happens to the
whole community, the people will be very sad and lost. It will seem like there is death in the air.
When this happens, it is time for ceremony and re connection to God and Mother Earth. This is
the time of prayer.

Great Mystery, today, help me to stay connected to the Earth and to
 You, my Creator.


 Then I receive in my meditation book.  Each day is of 24 hours, it is time now to not burden ourselves

 of the woes of the past nor anticipate those that may come in the future. I will keep always in mind that 
today is my sole concern and that I will make it as good a day as I can. This one small span of time is mine, 
and I will use it to do things that need doing, and have a little time left over for enjoyment and reflection. 

Living one day at a time, and consciously dividing my time into useful and satisfying activities, can 
give me the variety that is said to be the spice of life.  That is so true...."GET ACTIVE IN YOUR LIFE"

Then the horoscope.....

Giving Voice to Emotions
Gemini Daily Horoscope

You could feel agitated or irritable today. You might feel that these emotions are instigated by outside influences, which could cause you to retreat from the source of irritation. You might consider, however, that it could be your own sensitivity causing you to react excessively to otherwise normal events. If you can set aside time to work through your emotions today, you will be able to feel calmer when dealing with challenging situations. You might want to find a quiet place to be alone and allow your emotions to come to the surface. You can then explore each feeling so you can determine whether your emotions are calling for you to make a change in your life or if they need to be dealt with and resolved internally.

When we make an effort to honor our feelings and allow them full expression, we can process them in healthy, beneficial ways and retain our peaceful center. Our emotions can be stirred for a variety of reasons. With focused introspection, we can give our emotions a voice and gain a better understanding of ourselves in the process. This awareness will help us to work through any feelings that need to be resolved. We are then able to handle any situation with greater calm. Paying close attention to your emotional responses today could help you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and restore your sense of inner peace. 

Then some might say all this information would have me circling....true, but what if this has been going on around you all you life and you have been aware and sensitive to it?    You embrace it and seek through it guidance.  These kind of trips or Road trips I take....bring back memories of riding my bike for hours...The Husband do has and does a lot of road trips  like this.  Separate and together.  Kind of an eye opener all the way around.  

Well best get going got things to do places to see and people to meet....and time to have get introspective.   Then My studio needs my calling tomorrow as I've dumped my supplies and stuff from the demo that I presented for Elmhurst Artists Guild...blown away by the attendance and people that came...Usually there's a total of 10 members.    

Life is full, good and whole...hard sometimes to sort but all rich in learning.  

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