Friday, March 04, 2016

A Pensive kind of Day

For what reason I can pretend to not know but I do, when I wake up it's not thoughts so much as feelings.  They can be my inner fight or the can be my guide.  So I do the morning pages and spill out in the dark with just little tea lights.  I have no lines on my journal pages, just the pen to the paper and let it flow.  

So I do and then I feel these nudges to be monk like and alone.  Not to dwell in dark thoughts but more so the thoughts of deeper meaning. So the word Pensive as you can read in my horoscope this morning pops up. 

March 4, 2016
Benevolent Wisdom
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You may feel pensive today and find yourself trying to understand the origins of your strong emotions. This could lead you to spend time alone searching within for some answers. If you can make an effort to connect with your inner guidance, you may discover greater insights about yourself and your life path. Simply set aside some quiet time and allow yourself to get into a relaxed state of mind. Let go of your worries and fears, and focus on the peaceful silence within. In this harmonious forum, you can ask questions of your higher self and listen for the answers. You may wish to keep a journal nearby and jot down any insights you receive today.

Engaging in quiet periods of reflection can help us forge a stronger connection with our inner wisdom and obtain the guidance we seek for our lives. While we may periodically feel confused and overwhelmed by our life, we eventually realize that this state is not permanent. Within us resides a wise, benevolent being that holds the answers to every dilemma. If we simply take the time to quiet our minds and turn within, our higher self will be able to guide us and provide us with the answers we seek. With consistent focus, this activity can lend a greater depth of insight to our lives. By taking time to connect with your inner wisdom today, you will discover that the answers you seek are already within you.

Pensive- engage in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought, contemplative, musing, meditative, introspective, absorbed. 

I'm brought to a day of hiding out with myself.  When I do this and stay true to it...  what can I say but if feels so right and comforting.  So I have some ideas and projects started that I would like to continue and stay active with. 

So now though I would like to share, 

 You see this lady...Francie,  She came to a workshop at the Mainstreet Art Center a few years back and then up to Dillman's a few years ago. She is a wonderful artist and now a good friend.  She's got a wealth of experience in the art world. Well she lived in Minnesota but last year or the year before she and her sweet husband moved to Arizona.  She came to see me when I did a demo for the Contemporary Artist of Southern Arizona...what a treat that was.   (Picture of us)  

 Well yesterday in the mail I received this gift from's a graphite pencil in the shape a paint brush...What a treat that is to receive even in the wood shaving in the bag...Thank you Francie  

So this is something creative from the husband side of things.  He made this block to set his anvil on but to get it on there he had to use the I beam and some chain...a few sweet talking words and there you have it... He routered around the base of the anvil and sunk it in and caulked it into place. Just the weight of it would move it but so that it doesn't bounce around. 

Well as a gift to the husband because...I purchased a small forge for him that he can use propane gas know the white tanks of gas you us for you grills.   And he's been finding great pleasure after work making things.  This I'm told is a 5/8 " square piece of steel that he's learned from watching other Blacksmith on you tube, a 1/2 rubics twist.  Then he tried to make a base with it to stand but the weight of it on top didn't work...chalk it up as a learning step.

Off to do some contemplative thought and to make somethings too....

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  1. Cool what The Husband made! There's something very octopus-like and tentacular about it. Cool piece of art.


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