Thursday, February 04, 2016

What up in the studio?

I took the photos in the fall, Hickory leaves... First images transfers and the look like I expected them to. Very happy with it.

The paper I created was white and then I draw lines, then swirls and then splatter with sap green acrylic fluids and then sprayed extra water on there and then some place it really smeared nice others place now but thought it will be good and add some interests for the back ground.  Wetting the image transfer that was heat sealed on with the tack iron I then rub off the back of the paper and then seal it with polymer.

 This is a section of a 24 x 36 piece...I know stepping out of my comfort Zone of a square...but I have plans of making three...or lets say my assignment is it make three of these 24 x 36 panels...I'm not sure how the rest of the idea will play out...just been creating papers at every turn for it...but I did envision this. 

Flora by Nick Knight was my pick from the Frugal Muse book store, while the Husband picked out two books on Harley Davidson.   I did a piece while when I was in Arizona
and I wanted to revisit this concept of using my own photos for image transfers.

 Bless Others, _sold
 Wabi Sabi Moment
Explorer,  Now this one is the piece I might have to enter for The Earth exhibit submission coming up if I don't finish the this one I'm working on kicking it in the butt now..

Here is a video I found of Nick Knight's work...


And so grateful I have a chicken in the slow cooker....allows me more time to be in the studio...

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