Monday, February 15, 2016

Staying True to my Word~

Spirituality is my word for this year...2016 

Wasn't it just yesterday the word Spirituality came for me....? (time flies)  No it's been a few months now.  I know I had insight on it back in December and being guided full force by the time January came in. Trying to stay strong on a beginning of a journey in spirituality this year I also created a vision board. Which I've gone and turned into a huge place mat under my laptop. I look at it often. It helps me make choices for the next right things to do.  Still holding strong the word, Intuitive stone from last year.  I'm trying to honor it in my life. 

I've been meeting with a group of artist from some time and well we tend to pick books about creativity, life and spirituality.  Some where this book intuitive made itself present and after the Living Wabi Sabi book we choose to read this book.  We will start discussing it on Thursday.  Can't wait.  It's heavy in the practice of Ritual, spirituality and prayer.  The parallel lines of a Monks and Artists life.   I'm excited and open to new ways to create from a deep space and of the insightful of that place.  I need to keep practicing on all side and filling myself with good orderly directions.

The introduction and Week 1 notes

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