Monday, February 08, 2016

Road Trip on Saturday

Drop off Artwork at the Victorian House Gallery in Bourbonnais IL  Left them there in good hands with Claudia Craemer. 
Got wind of another place opening up in Kankakee IL Called the Feed... but I'm not thinking things are active around there so I'm not going venture back. 

but while I was that way I did stop and check out the bison at the Midewin Prairie off of Rt. 53 in Wilmington IL.
 This way to see the Bison.....Got nice walk in 

 Old bunkers out on the open fields the army arsenal training area...
I'm sure they don't use it any more. 
Do you see those little round dark raisin out there? Well that's the Bison....need a super long lens to see them but I'm sure there are time when the come up closer to the was windy so many they know something more then we do. 

 Some of the prairie plant native to the area on the prairie. 

 Then I missed the Workday with the Midwest Collage Society but stopped in long enough to snap a photo of the few members left before everyone went home

The learned about Weaving papers in to a Canvas by Debbie M. Looks like it was a good time. 


  1. Kankakee is slowly making a comeback. Butit IS slowly. I think a lot of music events take place at FEED but i'm thinking the people that go there don't have a lot of money to spend on art. You were right down the street from Moon Cookie Gallery where my things are being sold! The Farmers Market is across the street so that makes Saturdays busy which helps.

    1. good to hear that about your work Robin.

  2. I'll have to stop at Victorian House next time I'm down there!


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