Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From hand stitches in art, ponies and hearts

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8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper
Tack Down Tuesday

I've been seeing many images of  denim jeans and other artist on social media do the stitch work and  my daughter just sent me this site to check out . Sashiko Embroidery 
My attempt at it was just a wisp of barely anything but as in the process of making it, it feel so good to be stitching and nothing super amazing either...just crosses and straight stitch.

Yesterday I worked in the studio...after  good long walk in the woods, which was much over due. I was the first human out there after the snow fall...till half way then I came in contact with another woman who walks solely out there too.

So full of good endorphin's from the walk I had a big lunch and got up to the studio. I can count coup (ku) on this one as I'm making progress...the title hasn't revealed itself yet but staying open.  But it's part of my Painted pony series...and a War Pony at that...

Here it is leaning up on drying rack for a quick photo...see my task list for the studio it has a box open and says piece for Tallgrass...well that's what this piece if for...I thought I need to finish it by February 14th or 16th but saved by the graces not till March 5th but I plan on it being done sooner.  When I found this out there was such a relief that came over me.

 I also set my appointment with my Tax Accountant. Last year I was going to go with this idea but didn't and now this year I've got an appointment so it's locked in...just need to make sure all paper work is in order to make it smoother. Another thing to Ku about ...

And while some things were drying and new image transfers were being coated.  I jumped on the ideas to get my Valentine cards made for the family.  I working on them all at the same time.  I forgot how fun that is...then I though about a class I taught on series work...hmmmm...might be time to do that one again.
 I only need 5 for the family but went with a 6th one just in case.  The black envelopes came from a friend/student in one of my classes, Sally T she would being in evelopes for us each week and there were these SQUARE ones and Black...right up my alley so I decide to start with a 6 x 6 piece of watercolor paper.

Smeared some black gesso on and then some red wax crayon, wet it down and smeared the red around let it dry then took a new stencil I got from Mary Beth Shaw and sponged on some white so  I could soften it some what.  Then from my paper making session for the piece I'm create for Tall Grass I had this light pinkish paper that came out and I know I wasn't going to use if for the it worked perfect for the hearts of the cards.  Had to pull out my box of cookie cutters shapes I use for stamping and traced them.

Gave it a coat of polymer then tacked the hearts down and cut slits for the grass ribbon to go through and tied a bow and so more scribbling with the crayons and decided to cut the odd shape of the smear design created.  What I remember about the Valentine Cards is it wasn't a card really but a single card and you signed the back and there was a saying on the front.  I will write something on there and tuck them in the black envelopes and have them ready with the little gifts I've but purchase all thru January and be ready for Sunday.

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  1. These are awesome! Lucky family!


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