Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Team of Makers

 When the weekend comes around my husband has so many direction to go in and sometimes he get a circle going and than nothing happens and it's a wasted weekend for him.  I felt bad because I listened to him talk and talk and action seems to be very distant but this day I kept telling him, "Good Honey got do it...Please!!! it was like I was chasing him away but I wasn't.  He's an action kind of guy...Johnny on the spot and he'll fix anything. So when he circles is kind of scares me a bit..especially when years start adding up. But as you can see the wood block he made yesterday is a bit different then the Creative Art Block I made... He spent the entire morning looking for a log that would be big enough to put his anvil on that he got a while back in Indiana.   No luck...went to the village lot for the forester and even when to the Homer's Tree Service...So then he ended up at Menard's and decided to make his own wood block.  Normally the Black Smiths have wood log.

My little wood block, 5" x 9"  nothing like the husband build. 

You see this blacksmith has a big log. 

This is an old painting of a blacksmith. 

Here's his anvil....Big baby on the floor...he's got a forge coming from North Caroline this week...All excited for him. He's been schooling up to become a blacksmith.  What's cool is he's Maker of things too. 

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