Monday, December 07, 2015

This was some time ago

Carl 9 Years old and Hank 3 1/2 months old. 

Our Carl has always been sub-named the chubby one or the little burrito. What ever he's mixed with it's been his shape all's the first thing people notice and comment on.  And 130 lbs and maybe in this picture about 35 lbs.  Newly introduce to our family 5 years ago in October.  Besides the holiday tending and the business stuff I have other odd jobs of tending to our four legged friends. This Morning the will be thinking their going to the Dog Park to romp around but instead it's the Vet for  check up...Going to wake up my one daughter to give me hand...process big and small one that doesn't give a care and other (Hank) that cares about all and is aware and sometimes over reacts.  Lets say a handful of fun loving four leggeds.  Hoping to juggle things around and make it back up to the studio this afternoon...things get so easily side railed and then back again on coarse.


  1. Hope you got into your studio after tending to the animals. How easily plans can be derailed, but stay present, "coming to terms with things as they are..." Something I read today, "...the most important insights of mindfulness often come from being stuck or frustrated by not being able to do it better." Peace

  2. That I did....get into the studio and spilled out on the paper and created. All the four legged friends are doing well..Peace my friend


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