Sunday, December 13, 2015

Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2016

This came in the mail yesterday....really happy to see the article and how it was laid out, Rice Freeman-Zachary did a great job. Check it out here  I've made copies of the article. 

Yesterday was a very fun and a bit of stress Road trip.  The Husband and I headed up to Algoma WI to pick up my art as the gallery closes down for the winter time and reopens in April.  I'm excited to share that they will keep me on for another never knows if they have a change of heart and ideas for their gallery.  So it took us a while to get there because we got sided tracked with Antique shop just before Manitowac....and you know you can't walk throw them with out a good hour or so.  I had to send Susan an email letting her know we would be later then we said.  

We were both in awe at the stuff...I found some stuff... 
For what I don't know but they spoke to me...four for the bottom of something and the Federal Reserve bank of Chicago a bag of cut up money.  We laughed and shared out tastes for things which we found out is not the same...what we are attracted to for each other is all wrong.  But it was still fun.  Now the ride home...there I have stated my discomfort and frustration about road trips with the Husband...I know I'm not alone in this.  But next time I might think twice about asking him along...the uncertainty I see him in about the traffic makes him want to get ahead of the crowd and out of the wackiness of the other drivers and the miss conception of driving no one is in the right lanes....?   But what he doesn't see it just like them...yikes.  So though it was very fun to hang out with the husband it comes with a bonus....a bit of stress too.  All and all it balances itself out. 

and I've got to share how proud I am of my son....building in the garage a fast mustang... Creativity is on great to see a young soul learning and getting into something, like this which I've been around all my life...not that I know about them but more I'm their personal Cheerleader.


  1. Oh Laura, what IS it about men and traffic?! Car rides with my hubby often leave me wondering why I didn't just go alone. What would be very relaxing and zen-like alone becomes very stressful with him!!

    1. Isn't that to truth....seeing if from the other side of things. all in all it was a good day...with a bump and then a good day keep going.

  2. Congratulations Laura. I look forward to getting my copy.


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