Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Checking things off the list before the end of the year....little bit of pressure.

Tackling a list in the studio today...started shooting another video series for an on line class using an regular iron or a tack iron to collage with and just magazines...I jumped in the middle of it and started shooting things and now working out from there.  Lesson plans need to be written up etc.  I was in the moment of creative bliss and happy about that.

 Tapes...oh so many different kind of tapes that could be use...I need to stop at a hardware store and see if I can find the Frog light yellow's a delicate one. And I want to write the names of these out better.

In the studio space this is where I put it together...prop up a piece of foam core and got at it.  If I waited for perfect this might never get done...What is so calming and flowing about this process now is, I look at it as service work.  Yes I would be making some income off of it all but to share how to is very strong in me...from my mom and dad I would think. Their also very creative people and love to share. Anyways it's happening progress on my studio list. I also have a few class lessons to write up and to get prepare for Jan 2016...time to bust a Creative Move,  but first a walk in the woods while it's snowing. 

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