Saturday, December 05, 2015

Big Artist Date yesterday

 This is Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi stopped off at her booth first made a little purchase.  Always good so see her smiling face and her amazing Clay works.
 Then right across from Laurie is Tammy Deck...I stopped in to her studio this past week and now seeing her booth here was selfie skill need some help.
 Walked around and then I found her, Crystal Neubauer that is... Her work in person is's on facebook don't do them right.  We had a nice chat, wish here the best.

I found this bath capes for kids and thought to purchase one for my daughters friends little boy, he's the closes thing we have to a grandchild and I know he will get loads of toys from the really grandparents and such.  I'm sure he will use it not only for just bath time... but when he want's to be Super in him self.

All in all the One of a Kind show was OK,  I'm not a crowd person but I went anyways because it does what it does well the marketing that is...I had to see 600 artists.  Well I probably seen about 150 at the most.  The crowds of people were so much that booths I wanted to see would have taken me a good 20 minutes to get to and then were the next booth.  No lye.  I guess that why you can purchase a ticket and come back a couple of days in a row...the have this all planned out.

Drive in and out was pretty good...but I was crabby when I got home...still can't figure that one out. I know I felt a bit left out for not doing it but then to hear about the hours and set up and drive in and out from the city and parking fees...I wasn't feeling too left out from all the hub-bub.  All and all things worked out well went with my oldest Daughter and we split up and see the show separately and meet up later.

As I write this I guess I kind wished I stayd home and worked my own stuff...but I wouldn't have started tackling my Christmas list...Didn't do what I wanted to but got what I needed to do. All in all it all works out.

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