Thursday, November 19, 2015

The core...the base...the foundation,

going deep and coming up to the surface......cycling around.

Big Moon
Collage 24 x 24 on canvas and framed  2009
Inspired from the book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back
A Native American Year of Moons,
by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

The elders say our land was shaped by Oh-zee-ho-so, the changer, who formed himself out of the dust which fell form Creator’s hands and after making the world. He pushed against the earth to rise and great mountains rose up on either side. Then the waters flowed into the place where he stood and made Lake Champlain, the lake we call Peh-ton-ba-gok, the waters between. When Oh-zee-ho-zo’s travels on this earth were done, he came back to rest by this lake once again, making the circle complete. So it is that our own People of Dawn place one final moon at the end of the each cycle. We call it Kit-chee Kee sos, Big Moon. Its name is the last in our circle of seasons, thirteen moons on Old turtles back. 

Thirteeth Moon Abenaki
 ( some years ago I used this book, Thirteen Moons on Turtles back as an inspiration for my own collage work, when I read this little poems/stories I feel a very old and wise connection to what is so important today. )

The more closely we align our intentions with those of the Universe, the more positive and beneficial our actions become. The more we focus our intentions to increase freedom, joy and creativity for ourselves and others, the more wholly our dreams will be realized. When circumstances in life seem to be moving in the wrong direction, that's a good time to self-reflect and refocus our intention toward greater freedom, joy and creativity.

How beautiful is that.

find what works for you....Prayer, Meditation, Morning pages, Walking and  Physical exercise etc.

Whatever it takes to help one master their thoughts, words and deeds most effectively.  Whatever method works best for you, use it to align your actions with your most compassionate intentions. Do so, and you will find everything you need to unlock your deepest happiness, manifest your greatest strengths, and fulfill your noblest wishes. You will have awakened to the power of the Universe within.

Chapter 5 from Living Wabi Sabi...

I sit in the morning around a stack of inspirational books, From Living Wabi Sabi, The Artist Way, Big Magic, Meditation of Native American Elders to a few other daily mediation books.  All this after I've done my Morning Pages.   I seem to spill out the stuff that has no use or doesn't serve me some whining and crabbing and then at a point there is nothing else but to fill it back up.

And the pile of books around me in the Morning are about life, spirituality and creativity.  It looks like a fortress of good orderly positive direction. (love it) But it works for me and I so enjoy filling myself with this sort of stuff then what other outside influences...are happening that seems to be reported about at every little turn.

I'm finding out and it could be me but I'm having to spend more time on self reflection and refocusing parts...I so easily get distracted.  So I have to build a stronger force (let the force be with you) so to say to keep my thinking and thoughts aligned.

All of this wonderful inspiration is the base of my creativity.  Which becomes very spiritual.

Right now I'm making small trips up to the studio doing small but inching forward actions...The Holiday's are upon us/Me but what that means is I have a load of things going on....all wonderful grateful things that need my attention.   But I also need a strong inner core to come from...I don't know does it make sense?  well it really doesn't need to make sense to anyone else but me....

Keeping it on the page...even if it's on the page of a blog, all creative energies need a outlet.   Today also I am meeting with my book group and we are discussing the Living Wabi Sabi book, I'm so darn excited that I feel that I'll spill out or gush words when what I need to do is sit back and as my stone this morning it softly  what great advice from the greater spirit then I.

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