Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Moments of rest between

 The connection between the base of the lamp and the light bulb and shade.  I looked at this early in the mornings in the hotel while in Tucson.   Something about it has me wanting to savor the images. Of course it's round but I'm seeing so much possibility.

Not complaining...but this is as much of the area that I seen, it was mostly in a car to and from the workshop facility with images of the landscape as we drove by in the car.  When I presented the demo on Friday morning we got there early so we walked around the Peace School there. 

And the cactus... repetitive patterns...I'm attracted to that, thought these large saguaro cactus are part of the landscape too...I was interested in the criss-cross effect of the spines coming out.  

Closer view of the first image I posted. I understand their the Catalina Mountains, Paula shared that with me.  At this point so much to do at home and holiday stuff around the corner...but I'm taking moments of rest and chatting with some friends and enjoying life  move forward with grace and space. 

I'm waiting for my daughter to go through some 700 images she took of the adventure we all had and then I might have some of the workshop and work of the students to show... along with some of the images she took...she's always had the observant eye...I joke with her when she was younger that she had hawk eyes...and she saw things that other didn't and let us know about it and made it present to us. 

Well got some friends coming over tomorrow so the home needs my help.  So excited Art friends coming over!! 

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