Saturday, November 14, 2015

Timing is everything.

 There on the left of the big tree there in front of you see her?  she's peeking our on your left side.
 Oh and there's another one moving slowing on your right side of the photo.  As you spot them more often you see them because of the horizontal line of their back when everything else in the woods is vertical.
 The doe's and the young fawns from this spring season are moving together.
 This is a young doe.
 Young doe again.

 As I was coming around the path I couldn't pass up the photo, All the leaves from the tree above drop and left a blanket of gold between the two boulders.

 The wind does some fun things, when blowing hard enough it moves the fallen golden rod back and forth on the pea gravel path. Had to take a photo of that too.

 Right after I took the photo of the golden rod on the path there I look up and here is the young buck coming right at me.  I know it's rutting season and the there is one thing on the mind of these fella's...and their a bit unpredictable so must proceed with cautious.  I soon found out there were a group of people coming the other way on the path so he was moving away from them and here I am on the other side...He ended up jumping off to the right there in the brush.

And then as I was leaving another buck was at the end of the path where it leads into the a quick photo of him. 

Here is a video of a buck that was pretty close and off in the distance is a doe...they were very peaceful there eating the honey suckle leaves.

What a great morning, saw Theresa M. out there from LaGrange Art League...and she now works at Whole Foods in Orland Park...and with all the deer it sure filled my image well...Came home and started on the yard and cut up most of the leave and burn the brush pile and took down the tipi with my husband helps...getting ready for the cooler weather. 

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