Thursday, October 22, 2015

Working the papers till there is no more

 Today I got in the studio and played with the new Stabilo Woody Pencils...and had my good time with them but then the call of the wild.......that I wasn't hearing had me anticipating the migration of the Sand Hill cranes.  As you look at this piece its really stretching far but my thoughts were right there with it with only color to represent

 Pick up my prayer flags tomorrow, time for the exhibit to end...They are still hanging and looking pretty good.

 Here is looking out my studio window today...I purchased this wooden cranes a few years ago when I went up to the International Cranes Foundation place. I love them as you can see I also have  moose thing and my daughter bought me a dog that looks like our big boy hank

This piece is a experimental piece...and by the glare of day light you can see the ripple effect of the papers that has major texture... I'm happy to have it finished when exploring a new affect or process.
30 x 30 and I gave it a title of "Humbling Experience"

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