Friday, October 16, 2015

Trying new things out

 I've got this 24 x 24 wood panel that I create huge sheet of Kraft paper with some major freedom on and then from there I created more papers to go with it...then cut it up and reassemble it to the surface of canvas or wood panel.  I came up stairs to the studio yesterday not feeling the best and decided to put the big painted black circle on there...When moving into or exploring a different approach to making my art it feels like I'm in the ugly stage all the time..I'm not sure where this piece will go yet as I stated before they seem to get very intense.

 Spreading the Gesso on the surface of the Kraft paper then marking it up with some drawing tools...paint and then who knows I start creating a big sheet of paper.

I know I've shown this piece before... Refrain-collage on wood panel, 24 x 24 I was happy with the results and would love to explore this technique a bit further...but as I said it's in the ugly state of growth...

Well today I looking forward to a good day...feeling almost 100% and like my normal self...I'll be packing my box for Arizona and shipping it out next week...the husband laughs at me when I do this preparing of things but then I'm not all crazy the days before and I can smooth into things...My youngest daughter has picked up this habit which is good...we both understand each other...certain days to do certain things and check them off the list..16 days and then Arizona here we come..!!!!

I've gotten a few other inquires for workshops next year...San Diego CA and Frankfort MI  besides Dillman's in Lac Du Flambeau WI.  got to do my paper work....The husband wants to see the this might be a doable thing. 


  1. Please come to Frankfort, MI! Would love the chance to take a class from you. Thanks for taking the time to post . . . I love your work!


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