Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rainy day in the studio

 Started it this way....but as you see from the next one down it got turned around . Stained tissue paper, gestural line with graphite pencil and then my handy sponge roller and pushed it all back.

 My abstract painted pony(War Mares)....white was what I had the rest of my papers were packed work with what you got right?  And I need to put the hands to mind to good use today. Beginning layers started.
 As I'm playing with this peace my art buddy asked me what the symbolism of the horse means...?  and right away it's mean strength, intuition and instinct. And then I told her the horse is like a big dog...and the Native Americas in their language called the horses "big dogs." There is something else with these pony's I'll call them for now that is going to be revealed...unsure about it, but need to work through it to find out...not sure if that makes sense.

 Close up of the papers and some stamping 

 Close up 
 Glazing with raw umber and glazing favorite. One half at a time big area... one is a shitty first draft SFD's as Brene Brown calls it. I want to make three more in larger boards but not sure so testing the waters out so to day.
 no shadows...
 Shadows...working depth

Close angle here...white tape around the edge of the paper that will be cut off later. I can muck it up all I wanted...size now is a 20 x 24 but the art size is a 16 x 20...well best get back to it probably dry by now.

The daisy on the behind symbolizes purity love communication and creativity. The broken arrow symbolize peace when settling disputes and the three blue line on the neck are for the years the rider and horse have been together.

"Power through Peace" 16 x 20 collage on 2 ply cotton mat, as I was finishing up I thought about the war ponies they were paint up for good energy before going out with the rider...and some things the rider and the horse did together was documented from past experiences and kept recorded on the pony.  For sure I'll have to get a better photo of this but for now 6 hours in the studio, playing around with an idea to see how it might work out...Not sure if I really like know some works you just fall for and this one I think will grow on me. The concept will for sure need more time to incubate, and having a single subject matter in there is not easy, for sure it's ones focal point but how does it work and interact with the back ground, for foreground and is there a composition with this piece?  Things I'm thinking about but not fretting...going to  throw it out there and see what comes back.  For now it was a awesome day using energy in a way that was productive instead of destructive.


  1. I really love this piece. It's speaks to me on some deeper level.

  2. Hi Laura, Have you read Coal Black Horse by Robert Ormstead? You might like it.........

    1. Thanks Jacqueline looks like another one for the list..


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