Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do you see it? Do you understand the process?

As the sun was coming up and touching the tree tops the yellow was so bright, early in the morning. 

A Georgia O'Keeffe moment looking up and see the sky so blue and the tree tops. 

The leaves I gathered and took a picture with my camera on a white background. 

A gathering of leaves, I think a Bass wood leaf in the background  and the other two I'm not sure of...but I set them on top of each other because I liked the color contrast. 

So here you have it a combination of photo's and abstract collage and mixed media. There was a comment made about this is different for you Laura...and well it may look like that but I've used image transfer before and my abstract collage work.  The thing about this one was a walk in the woods and being inspired and effect by the experience and then acting upon it.  I printed off the image of my experience and had them laid out next to me as I created this piece. (trying to savor it all.)

In the morning before I left Monday for the Creative Art Journaling class, I had already pick one of my rock from the bowl on the kitchen table and it said, "Bless Others," and how wonderful those words I prepare the watercolor substrate with the words written many times over each other and big...then coated it with polymer and let it dry while I was off teaching class.

When working spontaneously the fear of losing the idea/moment and feeling is ever present.  Silly but at this point of the process I don't know what I'm going to be's like it's all gathered in a basket and I get to use it all.

When I got back from class I had a few things to tend I kind ask for some time as of...OK Creative Spirit hold this for me and I will be on it as soon as I get these other adult things out of the when I got up to the Studio around 3:00 in afternoon... I said lets do this!!!

My palette of papers is running low but I turned over the painted kraft paper I had made for a stacking rock project and it was blue with left over white gesso on it so perfect I thought. Yellow/green/gold was very strong and I wanted to make sure I had that in there some where...and the layers started and the idea of bring in the image transfer of the photographed leaves was call for the opens space at the top part of the horizontal.

There is an unlined feeling of rich earthly rotting smells and the over tone of that seem to be spread in essence for me all over everything. So when I do my glazing with the Raw all came together...there's always a point for me where it's a Hot mess and in fact there's still a Hot mess going on with it but the freedom to create a hot mess and leave is so Raw. When I  mean Raw is the acronym for  Real, Awesome and Whole.  The creating of art isn't the end result it's this good rich raw stuff in between.

As Julia Cameron said to this effect as a prayer.  "God, Good Orderly Direction, I'll take care of the quantity-(showing up) and You take care of the Quality...(end result)   I have to say when I'm here in my thinking I feel more of true myself coming out...letting go of any judgement, comparing of others and being as whole as I can...all I have now to say is Thank you, good orderly direction and the spirit in all living things.


  1. Laura for your image transfer do you use a laser print or ink jet? And do you use gel medium to make your transfer? See why I want to take your workshop! Thanks for sharing, it's lovely!

    1. Hi Peggy,

      I always use the polymer medium for my image transfer along with coating my papers. Final coat is a varnish...usually satin in the Golden brand of varnishes. And I use a laser jets will bleed but I think Jonathan Talbot sells a brand of paper for ink is his site.


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