Sunday, October 11, 2015

Building that Palette of Collage Paper, Floating Collage Day 1

 A full day of process work of building a palette of papers to choose from for today. Everyone is coating the back sides of the paper with polymer medium...and the handy dandy tool.

 The Bowl Scraper, larger then a plastic gift card we used to use for this process and is flexible to our hands and can be used for many things while creating  mixed media art.

 Other side of the studio space, coating paper the backs of the papers first so they will dry... familiar faces.

 Most of my workshop we do a practice run or exercise moment. This time it's the Red Roof exercise. Where everyone gets a red piece of coated paper and then gets to use scrap coated papers of mine and make a small collage using the tack iron. "Red Roof Society" The method of adhering papers without liquid adhesive which  I learned a few years into of my collage career when I personalyl took a workshop with Jonathan Talbot. A wealth of information.

 Along with the tacking the paper down we also learned about the Glazing and the shadow steps one can take before they seal it off with final coat of polymer.

 I hope to get  pictures of the little Red Roof today...with all that was going on... lots of demos and miles on our feet as we walked back and forth laying our papers down to dry.  As I work everyone to their death......the hard stuff first and then the easy comes later...which is today...a calmer slower paces for all. I promise!

 Using sheets of drawing paper we gave the white surface some color...what color is always a choice and we all had small reference images which everyone picked from a box. Did a bit on the surface of them too.
 I personally like to use a variety of found papers and another one was magazines and the template which we sanded and then added color to. The whole process allows the student to make there own personal mark on all the way through the process of collage paper making. Taking what is and recreating what will be.

Every time we make these papers I'm in awe at the patterns and color...I get so excited.  
Amazing Job Ladies!  

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