Monday, September 07, 2015

Oh Technology and a Demo on Thursday

I'm a heavy users...from rambling on my blog here to writing up other things for classes and all I plunk away on the keys.  So funny because when I learned how to type back in Freshmen year...I didn't pay attention I thought. But I must have just enough to get the basics to allow the fingers to cause some trouble.   And that's what they did to my lap top.  The keys were not working especially the letter s and the letter c.  Some time they would trail off all by themselves creating 14 hundred of them...I mean the letter c.  Did some research and would have to take the keys off and maybe put some paper under sensor area and then tape....yada yada yada...but that was for a desk top not a lap top.  Can't always pull the key head off.  So took a quick ride to the computer store and The Husband saved the day with a little laptop and then put a different hard drive in there so now I've got a pimped out laptop.  He took a risk to break the warranted on this new thing but it work with some other stuff he had in the garage.

Backed up all my stuff and I'm flying again across the keys.

Now here some old photo's from opening day of our Whole Foods Groceries.

The parking lot where everyone lined up to receive a gift card and one $500.  I just stood on the side to watch them enter till it then I could get in line other wise it went down the long parking lot back up and then still was starting another row. 

I have two of our adult children working at Whole here and one in the Saganash store in upper Cicero Ave in the City. 

Ramblings of life beside Art life but all of the makes for a good life. Still got a cold and not feeling all up to par, hopeful by this week I'll be getting back to my old self...Got a Demo to do on Thursday for Addison Center for the Arts...Looking forward to that. 

September 10th 7:30 pm
 Addison Village Hall, One Friendship Plaza Addison IL 60101 Room 1301 A&B 

The Fine Art of Collage
National Award Winner and National Collage Society Signature member, co-founder of the Midwest Collage Society, Laura Lein-Svencner will share the process of creating your own collage papers; assembling a collage with a tack iron and the application of an image transfer. As a self-taught artist, Laura has been working in the medium of hand paper making and collage for 20 years, learning and exploring all the ins and outs of paper itself.  She primarily focus is on composition, layering, color and ability to create depth in her collage artwork.  Her works have been published in many books by North Light Publishing, The Artist Magazine and The Professional Artist.  This demonstration is a must see if you are interested in beginning or have had some experience with collage. 

You may view Laura’s collage work at

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  1. I love this one with the design on the lower right. Sometimes I'm not brave enough to use those lovely patterned pages I've made. I'm going to give it a try.


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