Sunday, August 02, 2015

Why don't you just try to stay in the present?

Friday morning the clouds were rolling in, on the phone app for Weather it shared that it was going to be clear, bright and sunny. The husband reminded me that it's best to live in the present moment....I must of be rambling on about 5 different things and trying to save the world again. So on to a walk in the woods...with the prayer in my head about...God don’t put anybody in my life
until you can come first and I can be me. You see I tend to forget who's in charge and then I start wearing the large and in-charge pants.  Train wreck a coming if I keep that behavior up. 

I brought the whole idea to my walk...of a drumming circle that I just had sent out email for and Facebook invite. To see if anyone wanted to come and have a hand at a drumming circle?  My daughter encourage me to do it, must have been talking about way too much time to put words into action. While walking the whole time I was really soaking in the present moment and slowing myself down. Most of the time I get so excited and really can't control myself, I really need to work at it.  

Long story long....finished walk, went to the market and came home to clean, chop and prepare some food for storage etc.  Started cleaning up the homestead for people to come over and taking the air mattresses out of the tipi and get that ready.  By lunch time I know I was going to be having a drumming circle of women coming. I was calm....questioned it and kept moving with gentleness. 

Something was different, my anxiety of having people over to our unfinished, underconstrution home was not present, instead it wasn't about that it was a focus of knowing these women all from different area's of my life and once they would get here I would be all just fine. This wasn't about me and I knew it..

I had asked them to come over around 8:15...odd time but being we would be drumming to the Full Blue Moon of July didn't want them to come too early. I figure we would drum for about an hour...Oh we carried on till about 10:45 or so...Everyone was worried about the neighbors....too funny...furtherest thing from my mine.

We start off with a small story of how things began for me with the tipi and receiving prayers for the four directions from an Ojibway Indian that wrote the book Tree Spirited Woman. Things are more connected than we ever know. I'm just in awe over it hard to explain and yet so real.

 Maureen, Mary, and Sherry,

 Trisha, Dottie
 Myself standing outside the tipi before the drumming circle began. What is so while is all eight of us fit in there on stools. An illusion from standing outside of it.

 Tania so proudly wearing a gift from a friend of her daughters that was staying with them while in from college. Tania is a friend with many ethnic backgrounds and speaks many cool.

Dale has been a friend for along time....she has some African Drumming experience that she shared with us. She's taking classes in the city with a big group.

It was an experience that I would so like to do again.  Everyone has different experiences and that's what cool about it...being a newbie...I'm open and looking to establish something.  I'm just so thankful these women said yes to the evening and came hard to have a drumming circle alone.   I know I was doing a little yelling and hooting...even got up and did some dancing to the beat too.  We all walked away with a different experience I'm sure...All I know is I can't wait till next time.

So went to bed late and work up kind of out of it....routine is all out of whack and the husband asks if I want to go out for breakfast. I shocked myself and said yes...darned my jeans and my boots and we road off to Honey Jam's on the Harley, which has some good breakfast...little pricey but we like it now and then.

When we got home I think we both wanted to play hooky with what we should be doing and I suggest going to see the bison at Nachusa in Franklin Grove....He said, "Oh that's like a trip to Oregon IL where we got the tipi from" ...How cool would that be to go back and see the statue too, if it's been repaired yet I commented.

( I noticed I spelled the name wrong and already deleted the short video....Nachusa is the name of the place not Nahusa, sorry) 

Well as you can see we made it there...over 3000 areas of prairie are here and the chance of seeing the bison might not be in your favor.  At first we didn't see them but then I got the goofy idea to climb the metal gate to see a bit further and there they were.   Brown specks moving across the prairie and in the far left of the big tree you can see Bryon IL, Nuke plant a bit of a Oxymoron there.

From the fence....way out there you can see the herd. 

As close as the phone camera would allow...but we seen them. I sure can check it off want/wish list of things to see and do.  Stuff like this that have happened this weekend are kind of mind blowing for me...and as a friend of mine would say...Honey, it's not odd it's God...I would truly like to believe in the bigger then I thinking on this all happened way To Awesome Like to question.   Staying in the moment, present is a test..with gratitude, Aho...

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  1. Feeling jealous...Wish I was there. However, through your words and pictures, I can IMAGINE myself there. Thanks for sharing. Also jealous that you and hubby played hooky together. F**ck the unfinished house, you two go out to eat together, go for Harley rides together, support each other's different passions, go to the movies together and go see bison together! True love doesn't need a fancy bathroom. Oh, and the Blue Moon was magical in Georgia too!


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