Wednesday, August 05, 2015

While one things dries...

 I have a demo tomorrow night in Sycamore IL...a road trip west...kind of excited, I know what will come of it and yes, I've got some anxiety about it all the good kind though.  As soon as I put that apron on...everything settles down, much like a thunder shirt for dogs...Which is too funny after fourth of July now any time there's Thunder guess who climbs in bed with the Husband and I..."Hank"  and well then we all fall back to sleep.  So back to getting ready for the demo.  I'm hope to put this image transfer to good use.  The center image is the Transparency, I keep them for reference and store them so if I want to use the image again I have it.  But the side images are the transfer, one is painted with acrylics...not two more layers of polymer are starting to prepare today so there's a good time to dry correctly.

Than I move to another Creative Art Block...this one title just popped into my head as I was putting the stripped paper around wooden spools and attaching it to the block...Pinstriped pants and flowers...hmmm I would say "Gentlemen Caller" who is bring flowers.  Not sure what I'll do next after I trim the flower collages to size and then fuse them on to the four sides...I do have a Old Crystal door knob...


  1. Where will you be in Sycamore?

    1. With the Kishwaukee Valley Art League, 2700 DeKalb Ave Sycamore IL

  2. When talking about your creative art block, you said " don't know what I'll do next..." I love that statement! This is at the center of all art making; " Uncertainty." I was talking about this to my three AP Portfolio students. AP is for Advanced Placement. They can earn college credit if they score high enough. I asked them to read Art&fear. I need to re- read it. You know how some books you can read again and again and again and again...


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