Saturday, August 08, 2015

Magic Moment

Magic Moment
Demo Piece completed from Kishwaukee Valley Art League will be matted with a white two inch mat and framed with a black frame. Final size 10 x 20. The back ground is paper I made with a few over lay of transparency and printed, painted engineer plan, printed deli paper with with gray and white strips, Stained tissue paper, painted drawing paper and the woman image transfers that is then built up with stained tissue paper and stenciling and stamping. Hair was done with a ruling pen and splatter acrylic wax white crayon are add in with gestural lines here and there.  All papers are coated with polymer medium and final layer is UV satin Varnish.

Up for Sale and ready to hang on your walls,
$275.00 Plus tax and s/h 

Prints available Here 


  1. so beautiful Laura, so unlike your other work, but you may have unlocked a new dimension in your art!
    wonderful job.

    1. Oh how can one be so pinned down to one way of work...the seeking in me is always trying new things out...and with demo I've shared the image transfer technique and the woman in the air is so fun and playful... I could be unlocking something...I never know...but what I do no is answering yes is a good thing.


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