Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday and Saturday

Yesterday I purged some shelves in the studio and while I was up there I worked on the third Creative Art Block.  I pick the collage subject, this case it was the flowers. Though I love flowers I'm for let them grow naturally then as a gift. Sounds so ungrateful but the truth, mainly because I hate to see them drooping over in the vase...their life span is cut short...literally.   So when I picked the flowers I added my favor paper for the season the gray and white strip.  A had a flash of an Victorian Gentlemen walking up with flowers for his lady...So hence the name, "Gentlemen Caller."  Now the series is projected to be done for the solo exhibit, their not the feature of the exhibit bit I would like to use it as a deadline for them.  Got other ideas to bring forth so this needs to get done first. 
The hardest part about these Creative blocks is to not go to far.  Keeping them simple is a challenge.  Yesterday I felt the sense of cross over when I go to far..the lost of assemblage to craft. If that makes any sense?  Well that was the clue I used to stop, when it feel like it was starting to go to craft. 

By evening The Husband came home and I was debating on going to the Union Street Gallery exhibit, I had received a phone call from  Will Ursprung, he is part of the National Collage Society, Director of Development, and lives in Gibertsville PA. I was so surprise by the call and invite to come see his work in the exhibit-Art AS ARTIFACT.

 Will Ursprung's assemblage piece, Automotive parts, created to look like a face. 

I sorry for the poor photo...not till after you live do you see what and how the photo turns out but I looked at this piece of painted cut sheets of plastic stapled together...very interesting...the art of the staple as an adherent device.  I was impressed. 

Had to get a picture of Will and I  The talk is having the National Collage Society's Annual National Exhibit there at Union Street Gallery...that would be cool...but talk now is all that it is. Things would have to wait till 2017 possibly but that's what Will's job it to developed direction. 

So while we were there at the reception there was a group from the Theatre & Art Leadership Kouncil.   didn't get picture of them but the would write a poem for you and each time the young gentlemen read it he would get a new round of painting done on his body so by the end of the night many people had a poem written about him and other artists there were inspired by the people and the words of the poems for the painting done...wonderful and interest collaboration. So Randy...the husband decided to get a poem.  Paid his dollar and shared a few words and waited to see what the young artist/poet had for him.

Part of this was the rap flow that the artist rolled with too. It was a interesting evening then off to have a dinner together.  Came home and went to bed. Late one for me...10 pm.  

Now the Friday night I went to the Zhou Brother's Opening and saw a few friends and the Zhou Bros. works,  this one touched me and the brothers descriptions of how the work together. 

 My interested is sparked...I normally work alone anytime I'm ask to be part of a collaborative I back out.   These guys are brothers so I wonder if there's a difference, I'm sure their is as of history together.  Verses someone you met in class and your told to work together, different kind of trust. 


  1. The Zhou brothers have certainly made me think. It's true that we are loathe to change part of a painting we become attached to. Guess we have to learn to be a little braver.

  2. There you go...makes me want to give it a of work with someone.


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