Sunday, August 30, 2015

depth and dimension

 I've always have been a shader... no not shady but one who likes to shade things that I draw. And since I moved to working with paper instead of clay I needed a way to add that depth that a 3-dimsiona object had.  Now I'm not a master at it but I found a way to achieve what I felt I wanted out of the papers that are layered on top of each other.

 Not sure if you can see the difference from the red circle above to this one. Yes it's at angle.  There kind of a smoky feeling underneath the ring.

And here next to the edges of the paper I add a small amount of acrylic paint, black is the color I used for this one. Which is different than the glazing process that happens first.  When I create the shadow or depth I fan out the acrylic with the side of my thumb and let it be distorted. A shadow gives us that opportunity by the angle of the light but with a abstract how do you work that in?  this is what I found works for me.  The glazing is a personal choice I like, makes me feel instantly that these paper have been together longer then just a few minutes.  The Glazing unifies the elements.

When I shared this image in process on Facebook I heard a response that this work looks like Banksy?  had to look him/her up and found some resemblance. Interesting...could it be the big Red Circle?  well off I go to work on it some more, got to go pick up artwork from Creek Gallery today..then get some more bird out for a while now but with migration soon go to have some stocked up.


  1. Love the way you do that.

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    The "new" look of your website is clean and feels airy. VERY PROFESSIONAL!!! Been away from your blog too long...good to be back...Also wanted to comment on "shading" making your papers feel like they've been together longer than a few minutes. Cool metaphor for "depth" in your composition and "depth" in your experience as an artist...

  3. Hey Lady, I can relate to intuition being strong within us...and yes, I can see the smoky shadow differences in the two images. Creating the illusion of form on a flat surface can be very exciting for my drawing students. What's so cool is to read how excited YOU still get when shading. We will always be young at heart!

  4. Oh, and by the way, anonymous was me this morning on my laptop at school...


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