Friday, July 31, 2015


Paper, Paper, Paper..."I love paper"

It must be that time of year...gearing up for the fall into the winter months.  Everyone needs something, well not everyone but the point is all information needs to get turned in.  And I could keep track of thing in file on the computer which I do and then I go one step further and do real thing. Print out information so I physical have it.  I also document when I contacted people and when I sent thing out etc.

The call for art, the call for submission to book publication, the call for description for classes into the new year. I found myself behind the computer most of the last two days.  One day working on my video's and  lesson handouts for the third on-line class.  it is what it is...I kept telling myself, thankful I was working.  Yes all this work and not knowing when a pay check will come in or if it will...Again thankful I'm married and living with a spouse that is working a job and gathering a paycheck at the end of the week.

Though in between all this I've been playing around with some image for the next three Creative Art Blocks...(plan is to have 5) working small is cool but image wise, I might have to cut things down.

I dropped off 5 piece to be photographed.  Between hows so it's a good time to drop them off. Painted Mare was one of the pieces, my third totem...When I dropped it off I looked at the horse and went...Oh Yes I did want to make a few of these too... by themselves and let it become a series, Painted War Ponies...and put the symbols on them and have some fun with the playful primitive shape of the horse. 

I listened to Nicholas Wilton   and one thing that I grasps totally understood was that he doesn't wander around look at other people artworks. Mainly because he wants to have and keep his work authentic to him.    I was thinking Yes...yes..I get it...there are so many things that make themselves present that are crying out to be created from the loads of paper I have in my studio...but I can't bunker down and isolate in the studio...not good either. Balance is always something that is great to go back to. 

I just hear about balance...and what it means- not disturbed got to remember that...I don't want a disturbed life.  

So make the adjustment in my mind about the paper and the amount of computer time and remind myself isn't all you will have, There will be other kinds of days, ones where you will play on the paper and with it instead of stapling it and filing it in folder.  Though come to think about staples did look pretty cool as texture and pattern covered over with some gesso or acrylics...Rambling and keep it moving forward and as I'm finding out more and more going with the flow is the way to go...

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  1. Keep going with the flow Laura. It works well for you.


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