Friday, July 03, 2015

Experience Life or was it an Artist Date?

When the known becomes boring and predictable, you can dare to be different and experience life in a new way today. 

This sentence above if from my horoscope this morning.  I posted yesterday that I felt like running away. I mean to say, I was feeling like I wanted to not be so serious, work, work, work...kind of thinking.   And I wanted to play.  Have an adventure so to speak.  Heck I just got back from a road trip isn't that enough? no that was different.  I realized all my life I have crossed paths with horses.  Not in any big ways but enough to make a impact on my childhood and adulthood.  

I felt very comfortable there, the smells...yes the smells connected memories with the activity of the barn.  Our guide/owner, Meredith shared with us about the place.  And that she just took it over the last 5 years after she graduated from college.  

I have to admit I was a bit sore but not this morning. We moved around in the saddle, having to up and down some steep landscape and crossing the rivers. Meredith's horse, new to the group of horse they have went across the creek first and started splashing with his one front hoof....really was enjoying himself...the rest of us just crossed over. 

I only went for the 1 hour trail ride but I do want to go back to the two hour one. The path was a bit to muddy even for the horses. The know better to go off the trail to the left or right. The hoofs would sink deep and that's now fun.  

So came home to my computer and got serious again and went back to work writing up my lesson plans for the last of series of on line classes I'm planning on teaching again. I have procrastinated so long on this...but there was other things that need to be done first. 

 Getting the camera ready for shooting the video...which it felt like the first time because it's been so long since the last was a year ago last month that I launch my first on line class, which I have taught twice now and the second one only once.

 The third class I want to introduce the tack iron and if not use of that the homestead iron...for those that live in other areas.  I've been getting nudges and encouragement from people that would like to take my class.
We will be working with simple compositional layouts in a sketchbook and then move to completing a final piece on watercolor paper with the tack to have bit of direction and then wing it is what I say..or let the intuitive nature lead the way. 

Well I do believe it was an adventure and artist date for me yesterday....


  1. Sounds and looks like you are preparing for some wonderful online classes.. much success!

    1. Working that way...I hope...thanks for stopping in.


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