Friday, June 12, 2015

Received a Gift

Yesterday I spend the day with a long time friend and we talked, walked and created all day together.  I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't think about taking a selfie even of ourselves....My gosh we chat and text each other often but No Picture....well I guess we were all about the moment together.

We shared lesson plans and brain stormed on how to work with larger classes and still present an idea and learning opportunity for the students and end up with some what of a good result...which is on most end unpredictable.

I know I was pooped and went to bed and slept well. As you can see I received an early birthday present of a bone horses head...Which has great meaning to me this past year or so.

Off today to hang the Prayer Flags in the Mayslake Peabody Estates....

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  1. Re-uniting with old friends is always a wonderful thing. Bet you never stopped talking. A lovely gift for you.


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