Thursday, May 07, 2015


 Step 1.  coat Kraft paper with Gesso
 Step 2 thick areas scribe with some texture tool
 Step 3 let dry
 Step 4 pick out your drawing tools.
 Step 5...Draw, make gestural marks and out line shapes you see etc.
 Step 6 introduce paint.
 Step 8 introduce drawing tools again.

 Step 9 make more paper from what you are inspired with your Larger abstract paper. I had made these squares and triangles as a design I made a whole sheet from a white lunch bag.
Step 10 some of the colors I had paint left over I worked it out on some sheet music and well made bit more paper and coated with polymer...Ready for today studio time. 

24 x 24 
Collage on 2" deep wood panel. 

I've been working this idea and process out in my head and would like to introduce to my workshops but before I did that I had to make sure it worked. Happy share share the results.  Revisiting a style of my older works I had a blast.  

The meaning behind this piece is to Refrain yourselves...have some boundaries in relationships.  Put the brakes on before you react. 
I will bring this up to WI and then hopeful get back home with it and get a professional photographed and have it ready for the National Collage Society...Hmm when is that due date. 


  1. Brilliant! Absolutely love it...I feel some studio paint time is necessary today.

  2. Thanks Roseanna...I'm finding this process very freeing..and a bit of a flashback you my youth...


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