Monday, May 11, 2015

New week much to do

The Train, and Freight train are all coming in to the station at the same amazing all good things going on...but the main focus has to be self care...and then checking things off the list to pack for Dillman's...I leave Saturday Morning, I was asked to present a demo of sorts when I get there...Yikes?  I know I can do this...once that apron is on....I'm a different person secure and in my element of Artist mode...well I like to think I'm am...good to show up and play the part and let it happen...

Now off to Artist Way class today Week 12 and we are sewing our prayer flags to the rope that will be hanging form a grove of trees picked up for excited that this has come to blossom....I really had no idea how it would work for this 100 Year Anniversary.

When Art and Nature Meet
June 14 – Oct. 23
Daily one hour after sunrise until one hour after sunset
Stroll through the grounds of the estate, and enjoy nature inspired installations created by professional artists and community groups. An opening event with a guided walk will take place on June 14 at 1 p.m.

Our Artist Way Class has an exhibit in this event, When Art and Nature Meet, we are pretty happy about that. 

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