Monday, May 04, 2015

Abstract mini landscapes

 This piece I was able to fuse and mount to the wood panel, deep 1 7/8", I painted it white first then sanded it to give a bit of weathered look. Hope to add to the beach look.    A happy investment of my time is when I cut the tape of this piece and leaf the white edge I did pretty good and didn't cut though all the way.  and I didn't cross cut the corners so I was able to fuse and mount to the painted white wood panel...watercolor paper and all. No mat or frame needed.

Keeping the expense down on both sides, mine and the customer.

 Here's one I did a few years back at Dillman's one spring and added a playful mood to it.

and this started to be a abstract landscape but then ended up becoming a abstract just.  but had great fun making it.   


  1. Beautiful! I love fusing my collages to wood panels, thanks for telling me how to do it.

    1. thank you and your welcome...


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