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Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Raw stuff....

I hadn't done a collage meditation in awhile so this morning I pulled out magazine papers and let it happen. Blue was on my mind I think mainly because of the blue indoor outdoor carpet I think that I purchased yesterday for inside the tipi.  though I had the brick patio blocks I just felt the urged to put some rugs in there...

Some had some concerns and rightly so about bring in fire to the tipi. I have to say this little fire pit is great. As you can see the fire is small and was hard to keep going with the no ash built up underneath.  It didn't take long and I closed the flat sat in my chair and with a book I had started to read...Small Victories by Anne Lamott...some writer she is.  Her work was brought back into light from one of the students in my Artist Way Class...Article here that was passed out... In a dream world I would love to read all the books I have stashed all over my house. Some people read before bed...heck on paged and I'm sleeping..at that rate I might as well way for the Audio to come out of the book, rambling...sorry...

It's Monday new week head and much to do...my work will be taken down at the Paramount this week on Thursday...life does fly by doesn't it? 

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