Friday, April 10, 2015

Basic Business Plan for Artist Template

Artist Mission Statement:
Change, Connection, understanding a Spiritual truth  
I thought about words that I seem to gravitate to, change, connection and a spiritual truth. Change will be something that I will have to encounter often, some cases I will enjoy change but most cases I will fight it. That change most often that I fight will be one that helps me gradually come forth and develop my skills, which reflects back to me as the artist fully participating in my art. Connection seems to be at the core of my artwork helping again develop strong relationships with the materials I use and with the people that view it. The Change and Connections somehow need to have directions and that also develops with a balancing of inner and out spiritual truths, always a constant movement as in life itself.

As an instructor my mission is to form a trusting relationship with my students which along with the practice of creating art there are new friendships that form. I also see my mission to be one of guidance through experiences, and to share the importance practice of process that leads to the individual gift of achievement, accomplishment and growth.

Which are my values and beliefs? Any sort of creative act seems to lead human beings to a core of inner knowing, a sense of well-being. That well-being encompasses an honest truth that emerges. How we respect ourselves reflects back out all around us. So without labeling all of them I really think, “Know thy self” first then, “do unto other as you would have them do to you,” Holds true and strong for me.
Which are my strengths and weakness as an artist? As an artist I understand the use of process, breaking jobs and situation down into small manageable steps. I have the ability to see a project through to its end. I’m willing to help out others along the way and encourage as other have encouraged me. My weaknesses happen when I allow the doubting thoughts to seep in. They wreak havoc on my thinking. This is an ongoing battle that sometimes gets in the way.  And I have to say my reading, writing, math skills-dyslexia,  adds an interesting spin on things and puts me up again the wall sometimes.
What are possible opportunities for my career?
1. Exhibiting work in Gallery settings
2. Creating more on line classes   
3. Traveling more with the workshops instead of staying local.   
4.  Writing about what I do, different exercises, practices and project.
5. Forming talking and creative circles.   

What type of collector am I targeting? My work is more contemporary and I feel that it specks to young adults ages 25-45.  Depending on the subject matter and the series I’m working in and on that also determine different collectors. I really would like more people to have real art then store bought art. So I have a price range and collectible art for all I feel. 

What type of market and competitive threats will I likely encounter? First off I would say my biggest threat is myself…be it my own mistrust which allows fear to seep in. The mixed media collage art is very competitive, there are quite a bit of artists out there doing it. But I think that the more I’m true to myself as an artist it will help me deal with the market. People see that you’re serious about what you do and that does translate out. It’s totally impossible to be everywhere in the market so finding a place that works with your style of work and standing strong in it does say something I believe.  I've had a competitive threat a few times and well I try to turn that around in a positive frame of mind, not always successful. My experience had me in a situation where there were two art teachers teaching mixed media at the same time. Very awkward, we weren't there to compete but to work as woman artist and sharing what we do and we were both trying to make a living at it and there was room for the both of us.  This kind of attitude helped me. Not so sure it did for her. But we all have to figure this out and move forward or get off the bus…

Personal comment: 
After answering these questions, I know that I'm trying to be honest about things and this I hope will be along the same lines of process I'm so use to.  It's some deep stuff to look at and look in about and I'm glad I'm finding some morning moments to write about it. Because after the day gets center of focus forms into what is next on the list and checking that off...Plus with a fresh cup of coffee I'm ready to spill my beans/words...

I have the last part of this to do, which I know will need to be broken down to manageable steps. 


  1. Wow, that fresh cup of coffee was a doosey. All those words. They represent a lot of thinking. I admire your willingness to put yourself out there, Laura. I admire your work ethic too.

    1. Thanks Honey...I feel I'm still at the student stage...of life

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