Sunday, March 01, 2015

Time as come to....

 accept that these pieces of collage art need a home. Some found there way out the door yesterday but not all. We had a 10 x 10 square plot on the Expo floor to work with.  Isles were wide and some of artist expanded out front a bit.. just to give some breathing room.

I was right next to a nice gentle what had some wonderful etching of dogs...didn't see one that looked like Carl or Hank.  And the side next to me had a gal with the fun skirts tops and jackets.   I have to say the display she was using was maxed out as of I wasn't sure if it was going to sway one more time to my booth and fall...but it stuck it out and all went well.   The Husband-Randy was a trooper as I stood there by where the chair is now or people would come in my booth and look at the clothes and not realizing what they were doing would push my bins around and well that just had to stop so I'm grateful for the Husband to be standing there and Calling them into my booth.

It was successful and hard usual.   We weren't too happy about the hotel room but you don't realizes how good it feels to be home. Sometimes things happen so you know how good you have it.

To comment about how things were the day before with unknown feelings and self-doubt...I felt that all the way till a few sales started to happen. I'm thinking why did I every got to the dark side of my thinking...extreme is what I would say...Still can't understand it...but it's become a habit and part of the process...I'm just more vocal about it then most I guess...The plus side of it all is I'm aware and prepared as much as I can be for an event. And I'm sure I will be doing it again....I guess I feel ashamed like I'm doing something wrong for having these emotions and anxiety and people can say Oh you'll be find...and I'm but it takes a bit more to calm my busy behind down...Almost a slap in back of the head to snap me out of it...But the biggest supportive act  is when a loved one says I got you back and I'm here for you...

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  1. I AM SO HAPPY!..... that I stopped at your booth at the Art Garage Sale at the Kalamazoo Expo Center this last weekend!!! I was so impressed with your work. I wanted to stay at your booth and look at everything, but to be fair to my daughter and granddaughter (who were waiting for me) and the others who also wanted to look at your work... I had to move on. But, today I googled you and found your website and blog PLUS the wonderful YouTube videos you are so kind to share and show your creative process. I do mixed media art with some collage too; and I have studied many other mixed media artists' works. You have inspired me to get back into it. (BTW, my daughter invited me to go to the event because she was hoping that I would get motivated to display my work. Like you, I experience a lot of self-doubt. :-) But, I have to tell you that I for one think you are an outstanding artist, and you should never doubt yourself. I wish you the best in your upcoming workshop at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center on Mar 14th & 15th. I am sorry that I won't be able to be there, and hope that we meet again someday in the future. Now, I feel inclined to get out my paints and papers! Thank you, Laura.

    Connie McKenney


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