Friday, March 13, 2015

Loving the color blue...

 I'm St. Joesph and down by the beach area...Oh my the sand is every the street, covering the sidewalks...all left over by the winterness.  As I got out I took my flip flops off and put my gym shoes on I heard a flock of Sand Hill Cranes going over...what a beautiful sound.

 Looking out you can see the ice is melting and the piles of sand that is frozen with the ice. People were walking on it.

 After walking to the edge of the sand and meeting the frozen waters edge I found a spot and sat down...let myself relax in the moment. Sounds of wave crashing just children and some birds.

 Then I decided to lay in the sand and look up to see the Clouds. Closed my eye and soaked it all in...peace and solitude.
 I remember coming here with Randy and the kids where they were younger..

And there is the fence in the sand covered to the top.

So as I settle in to the hotel room and rest up a bit I'll be setting up tonight and I'm excited...

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  1. lovely, life affirming, post Laura! could do with some of that crisp and sunny weather here in south west UK. Never mind , I manage some painting today. Michael


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