Monday, March 16, 2015

Collage Workshop Day 2 Intuitive Process, Kalamazoo Paper Guild

 Big day today as we took all the paper we made the day before and created collages with them, Daisy here is laying out her design.

 Sharon is shadowing around the papers shapes to add more depth.

 Joan my gracious host is applying a layer of the glazing medium to unify the piece together.

 Susan and Linda are working on there pieces...slipped in the Abstract landscape option and they made some great collages.
 Linda's piece in process till we cut the tape off and oh so nice.

 Ginger here applying a white glazing, on her colllage which can be done too instead of a dark glazing.
 Barb is laying out her papers to get a good feel for the color relationship and it they will be compatible.
Here's the gals...missing our "Vana-Vicky" had to leave earlier....what a great group and it was a delight working with them this past weekend. Thank you all. 


  1. Looked like alot of fun!

    1. it was for all of us, a great Group!!

  2. Love your online workshops, but your 'love' ones look fabulous.

    1. Thanks Jo...there fast pace and I had to say it but I work ya in my sitting around and pondering...ACTION is the name of the game. LOL I think Kids call it PLAY!


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