Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bent in Mercy of the Winds

There was urge to take a walk around my neighborhood early in the morning yesterday.  It was about 26 degrees, put on the layers and my reflective vest with my special hat my daughter made me and out the door I went. I'd not been walking since I had my surgery on my afraid I would bust the stitches open if I feel on slippery ice.  when I walk in the woods the weather we've been having I usually walk with walking sticks...gets slippery out there.

I also had one of those little head laps on an elastic head band you can wear...didn't need it all the way through the walk but starting out it was still dark out.  Being 26 degrees and 5:45 in the morning I needed some kind of extra light.

The winds were kicking up and unfamiliar sounds were also happening. I could see, feel and hear the wind.  It is one of my favorite elements...if one would be looking at that.  The sound is very different when it passes through the pine trees verses the bare cottonwoods and Maples.  I heard the creaking and cracking sounds of the tree itself as it bent in mercy of the winds.

The pattern that was forming the whirling and calm was first the sounds of a leaves skidding across the pavement was unfamiliar. My first instinct was to turn around and see who was behind me. Taking action and seeing it was just a leaf I settled down and continue walking.

The  wind was activating all the wind chimes everyone has hanging.  Not a soul was walking or did I see any other four legged beings.  I was a blissful solitary walk.  I feel the wind freeze my face and my thighs. Not something we normal would put ourselves through but the feel this bought upon was...I'm alive and I'm present to moment and day.  

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  1. What a lovely and heartfelt piece of writing Laura! Michael


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