Thursday, January 15, 2015

So about Self Care....

This is the've seen many photo's over the years...but something about this place, the Tall Grass Prairie really is so beautiful.  I couldn't capture the shine and crystal effect that was happening as I walked down the path. Tried but just couldn't capture like I would have like to.  It is just breath taking...and the cold air was so fresh I felt so alive.  Now if I had to stay out there that would be of course a different story as of survival. Knowing that I'd be leaving after my trek around a few times is a reassuring . I can enjoy all of nature for what it is.  I was gifted with a slight moment of a little mouse jumping from a stem of a dry plant down into a snow hole.  Under the snow layer it creates a insulation and lots of activity I bet is still going on.

This reminds me of a story Jumping mouse....thinking of adding the jumping mouse on the tipi design. 

I love this I'm working on the tipi, I finished the cattail sections and add a coyote to the center back...not big but in a circle.  At this point I'm flying by the seat of my pants....this happens I in-vision to a point of what I want to know like a plan of action...but at some point it's not as clear I'm at that point now where I have to be patient and seek more inspirations and insight to what will be next and relax and allow the story for the tipi design to reveal itself to me...I've been told to pray about so that's what I'll still and listen for the message.

So after the walk in the woods the time was spent painting  as I shared above and then well I ordered me some new bra's...I have been keeping my eye's open at the local retail stores and stock is low and they never have the right took one of my old warn out ones I should say and looked up the name and found them.  Order a few colors, black, nude and white and now I feel so good that they will be coming and I did some much over due self care... now to find a doc to look at my left finger that locks up...big job taking care of one's self ... 

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  1. It all looks wonderful, Laura...


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