Sunday, January 11, 2015

Moving right along.....

Setting up this pattern for the tipi wasn't traumatic but the stencils of the cattails were. I projected them up on traced around the image so that I had a good size to make into a stencil and just did it.
Then I started cutting out the leave and cattails tops and before I know it was cutting way the inner parts of the design.

So the other day I re projected it up on the mat cutter wall unit and made to section so I could get the effect I wanted. The thing is each one of this sections of cattails will be a little be different and well going to go with it...imperfection is perfection.

I had tried to paint the cattails to their truer color but it just didn't feel right. So black it you see the way the Cattails are bending...looks like the wind is blowing them well the idea yesterday came from the move Pocahontas and the way the wind the movie as Grandmother Willow sings...well I'm hoping the splatters and maybe some leaf stamping  will be around the upper part of the cattails follow the direction of the wind...well that's my intentions.

Off to drop off Art for the Journeys, Passages, and Retreats  exhibit coming up...That's at 10:00 am this morning then to do some food shopping too.


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    1. Oh I'm having the love / hate my patience is running low...but I'm hanging there to the end.


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