Friday, January 23, 2015

Completed, Done and packed away

Around lunch time yesterday I checked all paint on the tipi I added early to see if it was dry. It was so I began the project of rolling and folding up the large half circle canvas that doesn't even fit in my studio space.   I was a good feeling to have that completed and done.  Here I had thought, Oh two weeks should be good enough time to finish this... instead I think I started two days after December 25th and now yesterday January 22nd, just shy of a month.

Stuck with it and was in my studio everyday adding some paint and letting it dry.  I know when I rushed the section fell on top of each other and then I had a nice blob of paint...which most of it you can't see because of the splatter effect I added around the cattails.. (thinking of a mail box I've had in the husband garage for two years might pull that out here shortly and paint that too.)

So dragged the broom out and little vacuum and cleaned up the place got a new table cloth for my one table, it got chewed up bit.  And pulled out the second totem that was stashed on the was like that youthful new toy feeling...But that had to stop as I needed to get some papers ready I'm presenting a demo for Receptions this Saturday along with 4 other artists of the 16 that will be exhibiting their work. It all came at a good time as of completing the tipi project, the demo and ready to jump into my old project ideas.  I trying to practice the less multi to the single task mind's a hard thing to change.

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