Sunday, January 25, 2015

A goal today....facing a fear

Today I've set aside as a day to make my video-introduction to Viewing New Composition, in Collage Sketchbook Design will be an on-line class video.

This journey has been a long time coming... after losing the whole file by deleting it myself when I was cleaning things out...for the life of me I don't know how it happens but I hit the button empty in the recycling bin on the computer and the file was in there...well it went gone..gone..gone.


Do you see the background...sun sparkling through, the fence, the corner of the grill, and the table attached to the side? how can this be a composition for an abstract piece of art? 

So what is this on line class going to be you want to know?

* to use a viewfinder as spring board of ideas or reference to explore abstract design
* to use simple materials to learn and take risks to understand.
* to really trust your choices
* to listen intuitively
* to practice, practice, practice
* to watch your own process
* to be able to know and judge what you like and don't like in, you always have choices.
* to use the act of doing to know why you make the choices you do.
* to use the elements and principle of design to dissect and reconstruct
* to start the process of composition and the changes you will make with work as you make small changes.
* to continue the journey of being self taught through the act of practice, process and showing up in your sketchbooks.
* No fancy words just honesty guidance with the materials and tools at hand.

As I write this all out I do believe in the process, I have used it many times. The way we all learn now is difficult to teach this process to students. They would much rather not study by do something again and again..It might be how repeated process can trigger a negative feeling in people as they believe they did something wrong and they have to repeat it to get it right or perfect.

This isn't like it at all...I have to say this is about being present for the act doing and witnessing what's happening.  The judgement is there but at a different level to make choices. You like it or don't. Then taking what you like and repeating it and pushing yourself further and trying something new.   This is where the hundred hours com in when a good craftsmen defines and hones is craft. As artist these days not many of them to go this extreme...or want to. But to understand a composition and make it yours you have to become familiar with it in ways you might not have with one quick painting session.  As in life so in know thyself.

Are we willing to do that these days? Or have we giving that up for instant gratification?  some might things they don't have time for this others will want to push it and keep doing it, that it is toying with a composition so much that you feel you really know it.

So this is preparing for me to get ready to face the process I have to go through to prepare to present what I believe.  Moving the act of creating to a different level.

Here you go...this morning after breakfast I quickly create a collage with magazine pages from the artists magazines that came.  Yes I cut and tore it up.  This would be interesting to see what happens if I go bigger each time and the final one would be a 36 x 36 collage on canvas......well it's an idea. 


  1. This is a good post. You've verbalized what art is all about -- practice, practice, practice. The core of art is so simple, but it doesn't happen overnight. It's not a kit! It's not instant gratification but rather a life-long process. and I'm going to shut up now! But you nailed it in this post. You really did.

  2. Hi,very beautiful collage!!!

  3. I agree, you nailed it Laura...practice, practice, practice. "Everything in life is connected. Our inner and outer worlds are like the lines of a huge interwoven net. When we move one line of a net, every line moves." - wabi sabi
    It is such a pleasure to witness the growth and maturity and expressiveness of your writing. I have become accustomed to seeing it in your art work, but now, your perseverance is paying off in your writing skills as well. FACE YOUR FEARS!

    1. thanks dear friend...for sure the writing has been years of practice and I don't think it will end...though a struggle its one that I've come accustomed to and accept.


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