Thursday, November 27, 2014

Woods Medicine

Yesterday I was able to get the dogs out to the Dog park and run around a bit...let go of some pinned up energy.  After I did that with them I brought them home and then I headed out to the woods. Walked..and walked and walked...myself in to my own self again...

I see this woman out there, I've seen her in other places too but she walks alone too, and I can feel for some what of the same reasons.  To reminder ourselves of the peace and grounded and calm that comes from time in the woods walking a path.  

I actually stopped her on our last time around and share a bit,  " it always amazes me how when life is what it is I can come here and regain my balance and get back into my own rhythm of what is my life."   she replied, " it only takes but a few minutes and a sense of calm comes over me, yes I feel it too"  and we wished each other a "Happy Thanksgiving" 

I respect her time as she respect my time there...I just felt a deep calling to address that with here...I guess a reaching out so connect and know I'm not the only one this happens too. 

I've got a new pair of hiking boots of the things is once the feet get cold or wet there's no going back to warm or dry state without out taking off you boots.  I want to be prepared for walking out there. I have my walking poles for stability when the path gets a bit slippery but I do need to make sure the feet are comfortable too. 

It is Thanksgiving Morning and all my people are sleeping still and it's quiet. Turkey won't go in till about 10:00 so there's time to do something like tend to self, make sure we have tables and chairs ready.  I have two of my gals home from work today so they will be helping and one has to work till four so I feel for her...dealing with the public and what they want now and not getting to there perfections...and making the poor girls cry...I don't understand people what kicks they get from that...One more day for then she's off too on Friday...

Rambling...while in the woods though yesterday I did see this a few times...amazing how the flash of white is spotted from a distance and I watch them jump with grace...and run free. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone 

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  1. Oh! What a beautiful photo, Laura...

    Give your girls's hard dealing with the public and at this time of the year it sure makes you feel sad that they don't remember "the reason for the season"...


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