Sunday, October 05, 2014

Older pieces....more inspiration and influences

I belong to the Elmhurst Artists' Guild, and they had a Fall theme for this Members Exhibit. I was attracted to my older piece here made from a deck drawer, Canvas and wood cut to hold the canvas in place and small children's toy piece.  I've probably written about this before...but I'll share the starts and end of this one. I had just got done reading a book about Robert Rauschenberg, Off the Wall, and he shared how he started the process with the Combines he made. Not all of them but most of them. 

Young Robert can see the stuff that he has in the piece behind in the Manhatten area with Jasper John up stairs or down stairs, or was it near by...can't remember all I read but Robert would take walks and pick things up and sue them in his was a big shipping yard area back then. 

I have many favorite piece...but this one was my inspiration for a piece I did for the Midwest Collage Society 100 year exhibit, paying Homage to the collage and assemblage artist of our past. 

As the Crow Flies was the piece I created....for this 100 year anniversary exhibit at the Addison Center for the Arts.  As you can see it wasn't about coping another artist work as much as being inspired by them and the piece work that Robert did, that was what inspired me to work bigger and to create individual pieces and bring them together...this doesn't have dimensional piece as Robert's does, though a story can be read through it.  Lets say it would be cool to get to a place of adding the dimensional stuff more so in my work like Robert did. 

 Retelling a story about the Naperville Art League, artist members were ask if they would like to donate their time and supplies to decorate a violin to be auctioned off for the DuPage Symphony Orchestra.   I said yes....not knowing what I was getting into but knowing I would tap in on my textile side of creation-Assemblage is the correct word here.   I deconstructed a violin to reconstruct it into Bohemian Girl....tooting my horn now...I think it brought in $1500.00  in the auction. I was tickled to hear... The woman that got bid out contacted me a few weeks later....

And that's how Steampunk Gal was can see the similarities.  Well while playing Hooky on Friday with "The Husband" Randy...(been getting some flack from people close to me that I call him, "The Husband"  like I'm doing him a dis service...I in my whacked out ways mean him the totally opposite so well trying to be aware of how I say things....Randy had a rain day and me...just need to refill my well of imagery. We decided to blow off what we had planned to do and take a hour road trip to Wilmington IL...closes place with Antiques. Well Randy found the first Violin of the bunch there...

This one on top is a bit rough...but I might be able to use it as parts. and the case is kind of cool too. So in wild way I'm coming back around to the reason I pick Loopholes to be in the Fall Theme exhibit of the Elmhurst Artists' Guild...I got inspired by my own work that then was inspired by others...round and round I know.. but then...
 Ice pick for a toilet paper holder in the new bathroom that is still no finished but on it's way...
as the husband is only one man..thy man but only one.

This picture got turned around....but it is from a old wring washer, I believe it sits on top of a tub of sorts...not see it work before. Though newer versions were in Randy's Grandmothers house...We will use it for the wall and the bottom part with the clamps on them will have a bar across so the hand towel can hang next to the singer sewing machine vanity and vessel's not about the old stuff alone but that repurposing it and making it something else...Love it. 
 As we were standing up register paying Randy, the husband, the Man....stepped back and spotted this Mirror...we where also keeping an eye on the mirrors and old bathroom medicine cabinets in hopes of finding one...well this mirror spoke to both of us...we did a bit of bartering....and got it for a good price. its old and sturdy...just like us..ha..ha..ha but some of the mirrors has some rough spots...

 Couldn't pass this jar don't find these babies any more...all plastic...but I wanted wood for an assemblage project that's been brewing for while...sometimes a piece takes years to make.

And now the final thing that I have only this photo of....a lightening rod...these go on top of your roof...but the color of the blue, rust and steel has me melting...every have that happen to you...certain color combinations grab me and really set my emotions going. 

Round about way here today but my well is filled with new inspirations...I'm not one for the fancy...give me old, rusty, used and abused and I'm saying Here...I'll take it. 


  1. you definitely got a lot of great stuff, there, Laura... have fun creating...

    1. Thanks Sharmon, Even the husband said we had a full weekend...that we did.

    2. What treasures! And I know they'll be placed in something with love...

  2. Your bathroom is going to be well worth spending some time


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