Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pondering a question

So early before class started I couldn't help my obsessive behavior and had to get come organization going and unloaded the Transit....I could have had the family help...and I should have but I was just to tired and wanted nothing to do but to not do....so got my gym shoes on so I would fall up or fall down the stairs with flips flops...one of my favorite shoes to wear.    And got my Stair-Master exercise in.  When I got back from class I organized back into all the storage spaces and was so antsy that I went to get paper for my class today for image transfer and know if I called or talked to some one the would hear a ear full of nonsense...so I went to the woods....Took a walk and used my senses and got back into my personal rhythm of things.   It felt so good....while I walked I was thankful the weekend passed and all went well...Sales where down on my end but all was safe as of art and myself...there was a blast of Rain that came through on Saturday night and tents came down but I can be grateful and thankful.

What I wanted a answer about yesterday while walking was....am I going or should I continue to do outdoor art fairs?  what's killing me is the hauling of the upstairs studio and storage. Carrying up and down is very awkward. I feel like I'm moving every time I have to do an art fair.

*Some artists hire people to help them.
*Some have their family help them. (family members have jobs and hard to take off to help their mother)
*Some do it by themselves. (most of the time I do it myself....takes a hell of a lot longer...but then I don't hear complaining from the help and spouse about things...gosh that really makes me uneasy and makes me feel like I shouldn't even be doing it...and I'm bad for making a choice of a certain tent and supplies...I know it's their won whining but really it's getting to be way to much)

And when you get a Male Elder walk by while you are setting up and he asks...is it all worth it?  If there were great sales of artwork going on it would be worth it but it's hell to put a tent up for a weekend after weekend and not sales....then I have to say it's not worth it.

Body parts are still good and the chance of messing my back and shoulders is very high....so Should I continue doing Outdoor Art Fairs? is a question I don't need the answer for now but I'm thinking about.

So what would you do if you don't do outdoor art fairs and you can't stop making art and you start to get a huge collection of your own works.....?  My first instinct is to line up some exhibit solo shows...get the work out there....that way.  Come April I have a show already lined up and May and June....then Yesterday I just spontaneously asked the Mayslake Peabody Estate to see if they have openings....putting a change in motion.


  1. Hi Laura, I did my first show this past weekend and it was hard, it took me over 3 hrs to set up and no I didn't have a tent to content with, but the fencing was enough in and of itself, then there was the hanging of all my watercolors just so, and getting my 8x10 booth set up with my cards and other things. This show was inside a beautiful club house in a senior community. My sales were good, the day was rainy, so the folks that lived there came out in droves. I can tell you, if it were me I'd only do
    indoor shows, you never know what the weather will bring and you can pick and choose your venues.
    Good luck with your decision, I do things on my own too, so I can relate to your problems.

    1. Thanks Gail, Great to hear of you sales it's wonderful to hear for you first showing. I know my first art fair I was awarded a ribbon for best new artists and sold a huge piece which this year the client came back to my booth to let me know she still loves the piece...that was music to my ears and a song to my heart...the ups and downs are all part of this but to know when to start to let go of stuff that is hurting you body is where I'm at now...and the thought about indoor shows is good too...I'm already seeking out some exhibiting space for solo shows...keep the work out there....always keep an open mind for new direction right?


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