Monday, September 22, 2014


 Love the Bison....heard one of the sculptures were going for $3000.00, lot of work goes in this this stuff....but I think I'll have to wait for yard art like this to find a place in my year....

 The storm hit the are quickly but not without flipping a few tents....I think about 5 where effected. Very grateful not on our row down by the river...we were all safe.

 So I was told the dishes were done a few times...but I some how don't believe it while I was gone this weekend....6 people living in one place and the chief bottle washer was out playing artist all weekend and comes home to this...well it's only dirty dishes....and I think I'm going to leave them too...and let it be and see what happens...Can't be all do all....I'm told to go ahead vamp up the out door fairs and classes and workshops...might take a while for the family to adjust though....still it's only dirty dishes.

And me this morning sitting at the table regrouping and grounding myself with morning pages, some coffee and then checking a few emails....needed to print some stuff for class today but then the signal or some thing isn't working right so thankful for the thumb drive and brought it the house computer and got things printed....While I hear grumble from the men folk about how the house looks...just because one is home doesn't me we can put the load back on while that person is working many weird adjustments and expectation expected....You know someone going to do it but no one knows who....?

Well life certainly could be worst and thankful this is all that one has to deal with...Really thankful for the visit from friends and family this weekend at the Riverwalk...had some sales and that is always good....On to packing for class and then unload all the art fair stuff...tent, displays and art...time to put it away for the season. 


  1. oh boy.....I know, that looks like Julie's sink when she's away for the day. You know, when Rich retired (and my mom was sick and living with us) is when Rich started doing the dishes and grocery shopping and we never changed that schedule. Well, now his legs are bad, so i'm back to the grocery store mostly, but guess "retirement" was what helped, Laura. I know, you have a time to wait for that!

    1. Hi April.

      good to hear from you....and things have a way of changing don't they....and changing again. I've got every one doing there own wash...even the husband so that's nice...I tend to the towels and sheets and blankets etc...but the dishes...they do get done and guess what there will be more before you know I know savor the moment the sink is clean.


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