Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Wonderful Wholeness has entered

What happens when...while you are meditating a quick thought flies in...I've been having  them while doing yoga recently...moments of course when I'm focus only on the breathing and listening to the DVD beginning Yoga Gal guide me on the next pose....

Some years ago... probably about 19 years ago I created this piece... I post her here from time to time. The title of this piece is "She walks with me"  and the inspiration came from Julia Cameron's, Artists Way...I forgot what chapter's task work that she asks you to envision yourself at the age of 86...and what would your 86 year old self say to you now? 

So my thing about this all was a guidance from an old of the good orderly direction now in my life coming from an illusion of a source of Mother Earth womanly image a good whole roundness.  

I know sometimes things like this make no sense and seem so far off and out there. It also is the time of year we are going into...end of summer beginning of Fall and the cooler weather, fullness of a good harvest and the gathering of sweaters, sweatshirts, blankets, families and all around warmth.

But what does this old earthly woman have to advice?  is my questions if the insight or intuitions of the old ones is coming in to be learned from...How might one do that?   

Nature *  forming of circles *  other women *  good foods *  natural creative skills * Love * Spirituality * Worldly discussions *the beauty and gift of listening to each other.  

I wonder.....and will wait and see what comes next...The urge for a good book discussion seems to be calling me also. 

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